From the very beginning businesses got to know that PBX is a critical necessity and having an importance. Now the question is that how it works, so a PBX system works by connecting the telephones, fax machines and modems of an organization, making them operate as extensions of a main number. As it is now much popular, so it has converted to be as a solution that no doubt  helps businesses to manage their phone calls.

Now basically the concept of PBX took a revolutionary turn, at the time when it was offered as a virtual phone system, meaning that the connection between the phones do not use any kind of  physical lines and wires, but functions through the Internet.

Probably many of the users are confused in between two options, whether to choose an ordinary traditional phone system or to choose a virtual PBX service. They are confused only because that they don’t know about the advantages and disadvantages of the both services and unable to decide which system is probably the most suitable according to their requirements.

Well the first choice, the traditional business phone systems offers range of productivity features which are now already available and offered by a virtual PBX service. So if we talk about the availability so both gave the same and no any primary differences.

It may be a chance that many of the corporations choose the traditional phone systems, but for smaller businesses its so pricey. Also, you necessitate a separate dedicated room or floor space with backup power to house the telephone switch. You leave be required to hire qualified technicians to operate and sustain the organization. You will bear to undertake costly wiring and set up extra phone jack.

It’s true that by adding a novel characteristic to a traditional phone system that will require either to replace the switch or adding another piece of hardware. After that, by the addition of  extra lines will require to add new pieces of hardware. The truth is that virtual PBX service  provides all the features of the traditional phone systems even more with the convenience of a hosted service. You can avail a wide scope of professional business telephony features such as extension dialing, auto-attendant, telephone forwarding, individual employee voice mail, three-way calling, call hold, find-me, and many other benefits.

A virtual PBX system is probably controlled by an online control center. When you pledge to a virtual PBX provider, you would be granted a username and a password that helps you to access your call logs. You can also exchange the call forwarding and answering rules for each reference.

Virtual PBX extensions will be capable to do various things that are not possible be done with traditional telephone extensions, for example, the wider higher number of extensions, communication range and economical prices. You will be capable to upgrade your phone system, very easily only because of the nature of virtual extensions. You can also add as many virtual PBX extensions according the requirements of your business.